Basic code

This is a basic open source code. It serves demonstrational purposes to help in understanding how SKMF works; it is not optimized for efficiency but for understanding. The program's input is in ASCII format (input.txt).

The use of the code (or parts of the code) is free but citation of the following paper is required (see also the Copyright notice):

Erdélyi Z, Pasichnyy M, Bezpalchuk V, Tomán J, Gajdics B, Gusak A
Stochastic Kinetic Mean Field Model
Computer Physics Communications 204: pp. 31-37. (2016)

C++ code and input file: main.cpp, input.txt

Code for composition dependent interaction energies

This is a modified version of the basic code. It includes the possibility of using simple CALPHAD polynomials for phase separating systems with asymmetric phase diagrams (e.g. Ag-Cu).  This code can be used to reproduce the results of the following papers:

Bence Gajdics, János J. Tomán, Helena Zapolsky, Zoltán Erdélyi, Gilles Demange
A multiscale procedure based on the stochastic kinetic mean field and the phase-field models for coarsening
Journal of Applied Physics 126, 065106 (2019)

Bence Gajdics, János J. Tomán, Zoltán Erdélyi
Composition dependent gradient energy coefficient: How the asymmetric miscibility gap affects spinodal decomposition in Ag-Cu?
Calphad, 67, 101665 (2019)

C++ code and input file: main.cpp, input.txt

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